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EMC Instructor


Rosemary Minkler

Born and raised in Waterbury, CT, Rosemary Minkler is an accomplished pianist, composer, and audio engineer. She grew up surrounded by music and began studying piano at an early age, discovering her passion for jazz at the Litchfield Jazz Camp. She continued her studies on a full scholarship to Western Connecticut State University, where she received a degree in Audio and Music Production with a concentration in Jazz Piano. During her time at WCSU, she worked closely with renowned jazz saxophonist Jimmy Greene and as an audio engineer in a local recording studio.

Excess DJ

A pioneer in the world of scratch music, Excess refuses to adhere to musical boundaries and is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to blur the lines between genres. Excess has traveled all across the globe with shows in North America, Japan, Asia and Europe. His efforts in melding standard music production with his turntable skills have solidified his place as one of the great DJ’s around.

Thavius Beck

As a multi-instrumentalist, producer, emcee, and electronic music educator, Thavius Beck is a man whose life revolves around music and technology. With a focus on bass heavy rhythms, dark, emotional melodies, and twisted sample manipulation, he has not only released numerous albums of his own (both as Thavius Beck and under his previous moniker, Adlib), he has also collaborated with or remixed artists such as Saul Williams, Nine Inch Nails, The Mars Volta, Skylar Grey, and Nas, just to name a few.